Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally back to crocheting - YAY!

It's been a very busy and learning intensive few weeks setting up my etsy shop, creating patterns and just too much running around in general.

I started a beautiful shell (2dc, ch2, 2dc) MAM the beginning of this week. I didn't care much for how it was turning out as a ghan so I ended up turning it into a prayer shawl.

It seems to be that I'm the only one crocheting for this at church. That's OK tho - as long as I can keep up on the demand and hopefully have a few extra for those 'just in case' times - it's all good.

Now I'm onto Christmas presents. I started a Gingham Ghan last night. As usual, I couldn't find a pattern that I liked and I dread sewing squares together so I'm attempting to work it in one piece. It's really not that bad since I'm only carrying 1 color and there's only 2 colors in each row. This one is for my SIL in Hunter Green, Light Sage and Soft White.

I can hardly wait to get enough of it done to take some pics and share this. I'm propbably going to post this as a free pattern since there are already so many gingham look ghans free already.

The best part of this pattern is that it can easily be converted to a baby ghan just by stopping halfway thru. :D

Hopefully, I'll have some pics to post later today!

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