Saturday, January 17, 2009

TUT for Crocheted Cord - chaining with 2 strands

This is an incredibly simple technique that you can get down in just a few minutes of practicing.

As you can see in this pic you can get 2 totally different looks simply by using 2 strands of one color instead of
2 strands of different colors.
The front looks like a knit st and the back is just way cool.

To begin -
take 2 strands of 4plyww and a G hook.

Step 1 -
Hold them together and make your first sl knot & ch1.

Now you'll alternate colors while
you chain st with only 1 strand at a time.

Step 2 -
yo and draw thru with orange

Step 3 -
yo and draw thru with blue

Step 4 -
Continue on until the cord is the desired length.

In the pic above you get a closer look at the difference between the front and the back of the cord.

Hook on!



  1. This cord is incredible...Did you figure this out yourself? It's beautiful.

  2. :) Of course I did. That's why I posted it for everyone.

  3. Il fallait y penser, cette technique est formidable, merci ! Lucy


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