Sunday, September 30, 2007

FREE PATTERN - Lumberjack Flannelghan

This pattern was originally published at Crochetville in the Lumberjack Flannelghan CAL. You'll find a long list of completed Flannelghans with links in the 1st post. If you're in need of inspiration or color combination ideas - you'll find lots of them here.

For those of you who know Jimbo - our resident hook maker at C'ville - you can check out his flannelghan at his blog, Jimbo's Front Porch. For those of you that don't know Jimbo, please take this opportunity to find out all about him.

Size - 4 1/2 ft x 6 ft
Materials - 2 colors WW yarn - 5-7 pounds, N hook
Gauge - Each strip is 7 blocks of color long.
10" across = 17dc
10" up&down = 13 rows

Afghan is made holding 2 strands of yarn together
Afghan is made of 5 strips whipstitched together with a border crocheted around it.

Directions -

Strip 1 - make 3
ch 19, dc in 4th ch from hook,
Rows 1 - 13 - 2 strands blue dc across - (17dc)
Rows 14 - 26 - 1 strand blue, 1 strand orange - dc across
continue alternating colors until strip measures 7 colors blocks long. tie off.

Strip 2
- make 2
Block 1 - varigated
Block 2 - orange
continue alternating colors until strip measures 7 colors blocks long. tie off.

Joining - Whipstitch strips together.
- It may be simpler to sc a round around the strip prior to sewing strips.
- If you tie the corners of the blocks together before you begin stitching it will help keep the rows in line)
-Refer to pic for color placement.

Border -

Round1 - in blue - hdc in each st on top and bottom.
2hdc in each st along the sides. (The dc is a tall stitch so it takes 2 stitches in each for the border)
Corner shell - hdc,ch1, hdc in each corner
R 2 - in white - *V-st (dc,ch1,dc), skip next 2 stiches* repeat around entire afghan.
Corners - Vst, ch1, Vst
R 3-4 - in blue - dc in each st around
Corners - dc,ch1,dc
R 5 - reverse sc (crabstitch) around
or sc around depending on skill level

Copyright 2007
All rights Reserved. For personal and private use only.
Items are never to be sold on the internet.

Just want to say Thank You!

I just wanted to say


to everyone that has contacted me for my charity patterns.
It is such a beautiful thing to do for others.

It amazes me to think of all the people that are being prayed for and remembered. All of the people that can wrap themselves up in or hold in their hands a tangible reminder that someone cared enough about them are blessed. All of those that make these blessings possible are blessed.
My only hope is that these blessing abound without end.

I want to remind everyone that has received the charity patterns to share them. Print them out and share them with your friends, email them to anyone you know that has a need for them.

Let us share in the joy of
giving without expectation of receiving.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Filet Prayer Cloth (5"sq)

I designed and made this pattern last night. It worked up really fast into a 5 inch square with #10 crochet cotton thread and my handy, dandy Bates #5 steel hook (you can also use your trusty #7 Boye steel hook).

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at church is in it's infancy. So far I've made 3 shawls and they've already been given to those in need. I'm just about finished with the 4th shawl and my fingers are tired! Yes, I've recruited others to help with the crocheting, but until we have a solid foundation and extra shawls already made, we need something for right now.

This pattern can be worked up in an evening instead of the few days it takes for a shawl.

The Pastor's at church already have a Prayer Cloth Ministry in place. For those of you not familiar with this - it corresponds with *Acts 19:12. Anointed/blessed/prayed over pieces of cloth are taken to the sick.

This FREE pattern is available now. You can email me at InspiredCrochet (at) and I will send it out to you in PDF format.

* 12so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them. ACTS 19:12 NIV

Friday, September 21, 2007

My 1st Custom Piece

This is my first BIG custum piece that I made for my church.
I can't believe how much I LOVE designing!!!!!
It's framed in a 20x30" poster frame with about 1 1/2 " around.
It was made with #10 crochet cotton and my #5 Bates steel hook.

Pink Survivor's Ribbon Shawl

My darling hubby finally uploaded the pics from his camera. This is the Pink Survivor's Shawl I made for a woman in my church. She is doing very well since her surgery.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

FREE PATTERN - Survivor's Ribbon Shawl - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Shawl measures approx. 20x60 inches
I or J hook depending on personal tension and preference
w/ 4ply WW acrylic yarn

Shawl can be worked in either dc or edc.

This 6 page pattern is available in PDF format *free*
for anyone who has a need for it.

The pattern includes charts and instructions for both shawls,
Prayer Shawl Ministry Information and
Prayer and Care Instructions
that can be printed out to be given with the Prayer Shawl.

These shawls can be worked in any color.
Awareness Ribbon colors are listed in the pattern
for your convenience.


Copyright 2007.
This pattern is copyrighted for personal & charitable use only. This pattern may be freely distributed in it's entirety in any format (digital or written). This pattern and it's derivative works are never to be sold for personal profit.

Some of you may know that I've been working on creating a Pink Ribbon Shawl for a woman in my church. She had her surgery yesterday and is doing great! Her shawl will be delivered to her this morning.

As it turns out, I finished the pattern and the shawl just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a free pattern. It is for personal & charitable use.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Copyright Decision

I've been thinking on this for quite a while. A lot of designers (including me on my first few patterns) will tell you in their Copyright that the pattern is for personal and charitable use, that the finished products are not to be sold.

So I've been thinking about things like -

~ What am I really going to do with my patterns?
~ Do I really care what people do with my patterns after they make them?
~ How many times did I wish that a pattern didn't have that in the copyright?
~ How many patterns did I NOT buy because of that in the copyright?
~ I'm in Florida - is it really going to hurt me if someone in Michigan or Washington State or even Australia makes one of my patterns and makes a few bucks off of it? The answer is no.

I'm designing for the love of it. I love that people love my patterns enough to want to make them. I love that people love my patterns enough that they want to buy them and display them in their homes. Is there really any reason to not share this God given talent? No.

I'll be opening an Etsy store in the near future selling patters, custom made patterns and finished products. I'm also thinking about putting some finished products on Ebay - I'm not really sure if I want to. With the prices that I've seen things going for on Ebay it may not be worth it. I need to think about that some more.

So, for now - the only restriction that I'm going to put on my patterns is *No internet sales*.

I'll be listing free patterns for charitable causes with the stipulation of *For personal and charitable use only*.

Right now I'm working on a Breast Cancer Ribbon Shawl. The ribbons are worked sideways on the narrow side so that when it's worn they'll be upright. I'll be making the pattern with and without Crosses. The woman that I'm making this for is having a mastectomy next week. Inspiration comes from all places. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and that was horrible enough. At least that was on the inside - I cannot even begin to imagine how awful it is to have your breasts removed. This is the very least that I can do for her.

When the pattern is tested I'll be posting it to share with anyone who has a need to make one. My only hope is that no one decides to make a profit over this horrible misfortune.

I'll also be sharing my Brilliant Cross pattern for free for anyone who loves it enough to want to make it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A few designs

These are from the software designing program my wonderful hubby bought me. I can't wait to post pics of them made in thread!

The patterns are being tested so when those results come in they'll be available!

I'm really looking forward to getting into Custom Designed Patterns. Tell me what you want and I'll design the pattern for you!

I am just so excited!

All images (and accompanying patterns) are Copyrighted for personal and charitable use.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 1st Pattern is being tested!!!!!

This is soooooooo exciting! I can hardly wait to see how it comes out. I have just completely fallen in love with filet crochet and designing.

I have so many ideas spinning round and round.

One of my ideas is Custom Pattern Designing. With all the talent I see everyday at Crochetville people don't need me to make the actual crocheted piece for them.

I just finished a big piece for my church. I hope to get it photographed tomorrow.

I'm also just started a name piece for my hubby! (I love saying 'husband'! Must be a newlywed thing!)

Let's not forget about International Crochet Day tomorrow. Check out Jimbo's Front Porch for his post and contest results!