Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am the GRAND PRIZE Winner

Here it is!!! My
Silver Medal winning aghan!

I may have taken a silver in the games,
but I won the Grand Prize Drawing!

pattern book

enough yarn to make my afghan of choice
which is #6 Ethnic Drop Stitch.

and a red canvas bag to hold it all in!

Thank you Coats & Clark for sponsoring the
Crochet Games! and thank you to Vicki Blizzard for
getting a hold of me so quickly regarding the prize drawing!
You guys are great!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I know, I know . . .

I've been bad. I've been lazy.
I haven't been posting like I should be.
Life's been busy lately.

Really, really good but busy.

Anyway, I will be posting my Crochet Games project
with all the gory details very soon.
(Maybe even today if I force myself)

But I did crochet a 7 foot round ripple in 2 weeks,
so I guess lazy really isn't the right word.

I missed the gold by 2 1/2 rounds

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I've been up to

Blogger Heather said...

I'd been wondering what you've been up to. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I must learn how to make it!!!


Thank you so much!
Thank all of you that've left comments about my newest ghan! I just love it!

Honestly - I haven't been up to much. I had such a bad flare up with my carpel tunnel that I wasn't able to hold a hook for about 2 months.

Sad to say - I think my thread days may be over. I did 2 doilies back to back and my hands were useless.

I hope I don't overdo it with this monster ghan.

~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~

I do have several new patterns on the back burner at the moment. You all know I love filet. I think it's time to start using filet with yarn as that's what my hands are dictating. I have a couple shawls in the making and I finally pulled out my Ladders of Love baby ghan to work on that some more. (Honestly - I just found it again.)

There are so many round ripple patterns on the net that I'm just going to write up a basic overview for this purple one. I love the way it's coming out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Crochet Games @ the Ville

better late than never.

Crochet Games


Ancient Greece

Thanx to AmyS & Donna at our fav crochet hangout- C'ville - we have our very own special games going on. We're competing for medals and honors and glory! Yeehaw!

But seriously . . . we're having our very own Crochet Games in honour of the Olympic Games. The difference with our games is it's all 'on our honour' from starting with the opening ceremonies and crocheting our way thru the closing ceremonies. Our medals are based on our word that the projects we picked were completed in the allotted time. We don't have judges knitpicking (pun intended) our work and speed and agility. We just have to complete a project we believe to be a challenge to ourselves.

I happen to be on Team Afghan with an AWESOME bunch of ladies!

Make sure to check out that link - there are some beautiful ghans going on there and lots of encouragement as well.

My project is a 48 point Round Ripple in purples.
4plyww and an I hook
5 feet across
with another 2 feet to go.