Monday, August 24, 2009

Edgings for Diamond Ghans

The edging on the beige ghan is AA's Pearls and LAce (I think that's the name of it) and the edging on the red ghan is just a simple scallop.

I didn't write down the edging and I gave these as gifts as soon as they were finished.

I'm sorry that I can't be more helpful with the edgings but any edging you choose will work wonderfully on this pattern.

What I do remember about the edging on the beige ghan is that it's a few rows of (2dc, ch2, 2dc) shells with 2 in each corner.

Diamond Ghan - why it took so long to post

I created this pattern almost a year ago. I did not post it because I didn't want to infringe on any copyrights. It is similar to the Extra Easy Diamonds lapghan that yarncat makes BUT ithis ghan is very much my own. There are MANY differences between them.

Now that Bernat is also hosting a free diamond ghan pattern I know for sure that I'm NOT violating any copyrights - cuz they're doing the same thing and they're legal department would have stopped them if there was a problem.

I always put my 'inspired by' patterns up for free here on my blog. Many of you will remember the ghans pictured in the pattern. Those of you that do will know just how long I've been holding onto this pattern.

Even according to AmyS's idea about copyrights - if you put the original pattern away and come up with it on your own without referring to it then it's yours - this pattern is all mine.

What I love about the way I wrote this up is that you can make this any size you want to. You can make 2 or 3 diamonds for a scarf, a babyghan or a full sized ghan. It's a wonderfully, deceptivelly simple pattern that looks great!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

adding points to a round ripple

What I do (and I hope this makes sense)

I find the midpoint then count 2 sts down. Attach with a sc and ch1 (makes your first dc) then continue down into the valley, skip the 2 in the center and work your way back up to the same st on the opposite side.

As you go back and forth working the point the decreases will happen automatically every time you skip the 2 in the valley.

When I get to the peak - work it until there are 2 dcs on either side, ch2 or 3 (personal preference - I use 2) and sl st into the opposite dc and tie off.

In this ghan I finished the point with a round of sc.

In the round following the added points I work a 4dcdec in the valley to keep the stitch count correct so it doesn't ruffle.

When it cools off a bit I'll be finishing another spidey ghan. I'll post a tut with pics when I get to it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

more of what I've been up to

I also made Dad a 6 piece set of 96s in red to go with his chair blanket (in red) that I forgot to take a picture of. I'll have to take one when I go back down to visit. To go with the big red ghan he's getting for Christmas
(or his birthday - whichever one it's finished for)

Played with my own puff st coaster pattern
and made a set for another swap gift in multicolors.

I'm not sure if I shared this doily with you guys yet.

This was my BIG SWAP gift for a dear friend.
A jimbo hook with soft, thick case,
a custom needle holder and scissor case.
(no - I didn't write down the patterns)
(and yes, that's the flutterby on the case)

... and I'm halfway thru my next spidey round ripple.

It's August in Florida -
it's too hot for ghans bigger than baby size right now.


What I've been up to

I'm so bad at blogging. I've been doing lots of swap presents and since I know that almost everyone I sent to reads my blog I just couldn't put them up here until everyone received theirs.

I bought the most awesome little doily book -
99 Little Doilies
and completely fell in love with #96. This is funny - I so totally fell in love with it that I had to go and change it and make it my own. This has turned into my sitting around braindead project that just keeps my hands busy. It's amazing how just by changing the color changes the whole look.

Before we get to that - here's a couple other
coaster size doilies
from the same book.

(This one lives on top of my printer )
I just had to make one for me.

#96 in solid, flowered, patriotic and sunflower.
With the sunflower I did the same edging,
I just did it in the front and back loops and
alternated the points so it looks like a flower.

close-up of #96

(lots and lots of multiple post stitches)