Friday, February 27, 2009

Surgery went well!

I don't know how long my hands will be down for.
I had my right hand done yesterday and my left will be done on March 17th. Hopefully, when I'm all healed up and recovered I'll have my hands back.
In the meanwhile - I do have pics of lots of things I haven't shared yet so you guys will still see yarn, glorious yarn.
btw - it's really hard to type left-handed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All my free PDFs in 1 place

ICD Free PDF's

Thanx to Google Sites,

I now have ALL my free PDF Files stored in one place.

This is soooooooo cool!

You can download the PDF for the

Survivor's Ribbon Shawl,

Gingham Ghan,

Prayer Cloth


Feel the Wuv Coaster
(with tut pics)

Check it out at:

ICD Free PDF's


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deer in my side yard this morning

This was a total surprize this morning.

The pic is clicky for a better view.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a couple of My Serafina's

I can finally post some pics of swap projects now that my partners have received them.

I did both of these with 2 strands and an N hook to make them warm and cozy.

I do NOT like the TLC Essentials varigated yarn. It is limp and very hard to work with. It was a lot better using 2 strands but I won't be using it again.
Which is really surpising considering how much I really enjoyed working with the TLC Essentials in the solid color. It's a little thinner than Red Heart and thicker than Caron Simply Soft.

I didn't get pics of Ambi modeling before I sent these off. I hope the recipients enjoy them.

Crochet Cable Scarf

Crochet Cable Scarf
from Coats & Clark

Is really so much simpler than it looks. I made this one for my MIL. She prefers shorter scarves that she can tuck into her coat. One well placed button and a few chains added to a sc border and WALLA!

This is my very first cable project and they are so much simpler than I ever could have believed! The best part about this pattern is that it's made with hdc's so it was lots easier on my hands than a sc pattern would've been.

If you can front post you can do cables!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Argyle Scarf

Many thanx to mama24boyz for coming up with such a sensational idea.

It never ceases to amaze me how simple a stunning pattern can be! The hardest part is thinking of it in the first place. Even the figuring it out is easier than thinking of it.

I do have to admit:
That I didn't actually buy the pattern
(and I already spoke with her about it) -
so mine is not exactly like mama24boyz's.

I did do a couple of things differently:

- I did every row on the right side
- I knotted my pink at each crossing
- my edging is my own
- I added fringe

You really just cannot improve on
an awesome pattern!

For more information check out:

mama24boyz Blog
mama24boyz @ Etsy for the pattern