Thursday, October 25, 2007

Camo Babyghan

Camo Babyghan
Measures 42 inches from point to point.
I used a Bates I hook,
Red Heart Camo and Black

Bordered in Crab St.

I made this for a young couple in my church.
They just had their baby a couple weeks ago.
Fortunately, the Daddy was home to see their baby born.
He's on his way back to Iraq next week.

I think baby blankets are a great addition to any Prayer Shawl Ministry.

It may not seem the most 'appropriate baby blankie'. Most people think pastels and dainty things but I'm thinking ahead to the rough and tumble toddler years.

Also - instead of cutting the yarn for the different colored rounds, I carried it behind the st's. I think it gives it a little more strength and sturdiness -
but that's just me.


  1. Love the camo blanket! The brown stripes around the outer edge is a really great idea to reinforce the border and complement the camofaluge. Nice job!

  2. I just love camo yarn! Fantasic blanket!!!


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