Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thoughts on the Feel the Wuv Heart Coaster

Coming back 2 years later to check over an old pattern that I wrote when I was just starting out designing and writing patterns was like WOW!

I did find a mistake and fixed it. In Round 4 it had said to 'skip Vst' which I changed to 'skip next 2 dcs'. It was nothing that someone that has experience crocheting couldn't follow but a new crocheter would be like "What Vst? Where?" So - I fixed it.

Looking at this today - it is a difficult pattern to follow. You need to trust in the pattern to tell you where to place your stitches. It does tell you exactly where to put the stitches.. I haven't made this since I wrote the pattern and I just made one up in about 10 minutes. I also think I've come a long way in creating tutorial pictures too.

You also need to know what the stitches are so that you can make them. I went in and labeled this an Intermediate Pattern. I love testing new techniques and learning new things but to be honest - there are easier heart patterns out there. If you're not crocheting at this level then please don't blame it on the pattern. I strongly urge you to try it tho - what's the worst that can happen?

May you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and have many hearts in your future.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creation takes longer than Destruction

It's much faster to frog than it is to crochet.
It's just a sad, sad fact.

To Frog means to 'rip-it, rip-it, rip-it'

If only I could crochet and create the same
number of stitches that I can rip out in one hour.

Frogging, or ripping out our work, is just a sad fact of our craft. Designing, creating, following a pattern, free-forming - all the different and wonderful ways that we can create simply takes so much longer than destroying that creation.
Creation takes longer than destruction.

I understand the importance of frogging. Of ripping out all the way back to fix a mistake that has bearing on all of the rows or rounds that follow it. I understand the importance of 'doing it right'.
I also understand the importance of
perfection in any pattern I'm designing.

Just because I understand it doesn't mean that I like it!

I'm sure most of you that share in my love of crochet
understand exactly where I'm coming from.

Sadly, I have no eye candy to share today.

I had to frog a very large section of a piece that I thought was finished. Somehow - that's even worse than having to frog while it's still 'under construction.'

It is a learning process. It is part of the nature of designing.
If I want to give all of you the very best patterns that I can -
then this is a very necessary part of the creation of them.


(ok - end of pity party - back to the crocheting!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ladybug ghan in Scooby Doo colors

This is my ladybug square pattern. I think it's just so cute. Anyways - the ghan was a gift for a dear friend. She LOVES it! It lives in the living room. That's her couch it's spread out on.

Lots of practice squares getting it just right went with the ghan for coasters or pillows or whatever she'd like to make from them.

Just another shot. I gotta say - it's WAY bright for my taste.

I used my Bates J hook with Red Heart and Caron Pounders.

They work ok together. The Caron yarn is a little thicker
but overall - it's ok together.