Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bday presents for 4yr old

Happy Birthday, Sierra!

Now she'll have a pocketbook of her own. She can stop 'stealing' Mommy's.

Baby has her own Seraphina!

Playing around with Seraphina

The Seraphina as written is on the left,
the results of playing with the pattern is on the right.

What I did was add 2 rows to the shell column,
This opens up the base of the column so it's not
quite as smooshed looking.

I did a 4dc block of stitches instead of a 3dc block between the shells. This reduces the number of shell columns a little bit but it evens out the spacing. It also makes the center shell column feel a little more substantial.

So, you'll have no more than 8dc's
(instead of 6dc's) in the row before your Vst row.

I also stopping doing the increases when I got to the last shell column for the length that I wanted (which is 24 inches on these for Amber and her friends - preteens). The edges line up next to each other in the front instead of overlapping.

The center point at the bottom cups slightly when it's layed out flat, but is fine when it's worn. Not doing the increase at the end gets rid of that little ruffle on the bottom.

Instead of Vst's on the ends I did 3dc's. I think this shawl
is a little too heavy for such an open edge.

Beginning Vst -ch2, 2dc in same st, and
Ending Vst - 3dc in turning ch.

~ close up of changes~
For this version, the shell pattern by row looks like this:

(Dc, ch1, dc) in center dc
ch1, (dc, ch1, dc), ch1
ch1, (dc, ch2, dc), ch1
ch1, (2dc, ch1, 2dc), ch1
ch1, (2dc, ch2, 2dc), ch1
ch1, 3dc shell, ch1



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Poll & Results

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Crocheting afghans

one piece

won by a landslide!


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wrought Iron Pineapple Wallhangings

Wrought Iron Pineapple Set
by Michele Shirley

4ply WW yarn
F, G, H & K hooks

Gauge -
single strand pineapples
F - 9 1/2 inches
G - 10 inches
H - 11 inches
2 strand w/ K hook- 15 inches

Special Stitches
Shell (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch2 sp
Side Shell - sl st into ch2 sp, (ch3, dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch2 sp
5dc cl w/ picot- ch2, holding last loop on hook to create cluster: dc in ch2sp, 3dc in next ch2sp, draw thru all 5 loops, ch3Picot - ch3, turn, sl st into top of cluster, tie off.


ch5, sl st in 1st ch to form loop

Round 1 - ch3 counts as 1st dc now and throughout. (2dc, ch2) 5times, (2dc, ch4), (2dc, ch2) 3 times
~ or ~ (2dc, ch2) 8 times - without hanging loop,
sl st into top of ch3 to join

* Now you'll begin working in rows & turning at the end of each.

Row 2 - Side shell, ch2, shell in shell

Row 3 - side shell, (dc, ch6, dc) in next ch sp, shell in shell

Row 4 - side shell, 12dc in ch6 sp, shell in shell

Row 5 - side shell, ch1, (dc, ch1) in the next 10dc's, shell in shell

Row 6 - side shell, ch1, sc in ch1 sp, (ch3, sc in ch1sp) 10times, ch1, shell in shell [10 ch3 sp's]

Row 7 - side shell, ch2, sc in ch1 sp, (ch3, sc in ch3sp) across, ch2, shell in shell [9 ch3sps]

Row 8 - repeat Row 7 [8 ch3sps]

Row 9 - repeat Row 7 [7 ch3sps]

Row 10 - repeat Row 7 [6 ch3sps]

Row 11 - repeat Row 7 [5 ch3sps]

Row 12 - repeat Row 7 [4 ch3sps]

Row 13 - repeat Row 7 [3 ch3sps]

Row 14 - repeat Row 7 [2 ch3sps]

Row 15 - repeat Row 7 [1 ch3sp]

Row 16 - side shell, ch2, sc in ch3 sp, ch2, shell in shell

Row 17 - side shell, shell in next shell

Row 18 - sl st into ch2sp, begin 5dc cl w/ picot.

Tie off. Weave in ends. Block.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Scallop Potholder close-ups

This is Patricia Hewitt's
Scallop Potholder
My newest most favorite potholder pattern!

This is the pattern as written.
7" across

This one replaces every other fpdc with
a dc to create the heart shape.

This one is 2 strands and a J hook.
It's thick enough to be 1 sided.
10 1/2" across

This one has trc's for the scallops.
It makes cool bumps and changes the edging look.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scalloped Potholders - Variations

this is Patricia Hewitt's
Scallop Potholder
My newest most favorite potholder pattern!
The small one on top is the pattern as written.

Going clockwise around we have -

Small right has trc for the scallops,
The large one is 2 strands and a J hook and is single sided,
and the small one on the left substituted a dc for every other fpdc to make it more of a pronounced heart shape.

I think because they're all the same color that the slight differences work with the pattern.

They're all made from Peaches & Cream Burgundy
and an F hook.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Diamond Ghan!

Diamonds Are A Little Girl's Best Friend.

This ghan measures 3 x 4 1/2 feet.

J hook with RedHeart Super Saver in
Hot Red and Petal Pink.

The Diamond Ghan pattern was inspired by this post at C'ville.

The border is 2 rows of sc, 1row hdc & 1 row dc.
Then I followed the Distinctive Filet Crochet Border pattern.

It's a great border that can be used on just about anything.
It's real pretty and super easy to follow.

Now to make another in a 4x6' ghan for another Christmas present!
This one will be a solid beige.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flower Burst Ghan in green

YAY!!! It's done!

Even with the corrections it's still a few stitches too many on each square. I added the ruffle border to compensate for it and it came out great. I'm really happy with it!

Big Christmas present #1 is finished.

It is 4 x 6.5 feet from edge to edge.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birthday Bath Set

washcloth w/ hanger
soap saver w/ hanger
back scrubber w/ straps
eye mask/hair holder w/ ties

shower gel, lotion, bubble bath, bath salts & poofy's.

I made this with S&C coton in green/white vari (she saw it in my stash and fell inlove with the color) and an F hook.

Each piece is a different st even tho you really can't tell with the varigated yarn.

I can hardly wait for her to open her present!