Friday, June 13, 2008

US Navy Anchor Tapestry Pillow

This I made for my Father in Law.
He was a Signalman in the Navy during WWII.

He has some incredible stories about flashing morse code from the tops of naval ships while under enemy fire! Apparently they targeted the Signalman so that they couldn't communicate with other ships. He has some great stories about docking in foreign ports, too lol.

I wasn't sure what to do with the tapestry -
it measures 12w x 16h
RHSS 4ply ww - H hook

I turned this one into a pillow.
I matches the fleece throw that I quilted for his chair.

On this one - instead of embroidering the lines and designs - I surface crocheted. It really gives it a super cool 3d raised effect. In person - the chain has the gold showing thru.

(You can see the fabric color on the bottom)

For the border I worked ch6 at the end of every row and sc, ch6 across the top and bottom. I used white to finish the rope effect, ch4, pull thru navy loop, sl st into place and repeat around. You really can't see it in this pic but the white curls around the navy.

I used gold fabric, made a slipcover for the pillow, hand sewed the crochet to the fabric, stuffed it and finished sewing the seam on the machine.

After I finished these 2 pieces I round Carol Alexanders blog on tapestry crochet.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A & Eagle for Father's Day

After embroidery.

This took me 2 weeks.
I used 4plyWW and a G hook
(never again)
Measures 20"w x 16"h

Before embroidery:

My Dad worked at Budweiser for 20 some years before he got hurt at work. I remember way back when you still had to get a liscence to go on a CB his handle was The Budman!

He has the house decorated by Budweiser. I have a picture somewhere of me in my red snowsuit with the Bud logo on my hat. He even had the kid decorated by Budweiser. He gave me a HUGE double size Bud Label beach towel. I was wrapped up in it and laugher -
I'm still the kid decorated by Bud.

Dad'll be on a trip for Father's Day so he got his present early when he came up to visit!

He LOVED it!

He Loved it so much he's going to have it framed! WOW!

I love you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!