Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby ghans for Christmas

Yes - I've actually crocheted and took pictures! It's been a while. You guys know that I blog in phases. Unfortunately, I wrapped the other presents before I thought to take pictures but at least I got the baby ghans.

This is your basic 12 point round ripple. The color combos are endless. The edging possibilities are endless. I prefer to make a nice tight edging on baby ghans. This way they can hold up to some abuse. This one has a tri-color rope.

Another one for one of the guys at work. Another basic 12 point RR. This one is done in 2 strands and the shaded 'monet' technique.

My newest baby. The 5-10 point Starburst Round Ripple.
If you like it the pattern can be found on Etsy