Monday, August 17, 2009

What I've been up to

I'm so bad at blogging. I've been doing lots of swap presents and since I know that almost everyone I sent to reads my blog I just couldn't put them up here until everyone received theirs.

I bought the most awesome little doily book -
99 Little Doilies
and completely fell in love with #96. This is funny - I so totally fell in love with it that I had to go and change it and make it my own. This has turned into my sitting around braindead project that just keeps my hands busy. It's amazing how just by changing the color changes the whole look.

Before we get to that - here's a couple other
coaster size doilies
from the same book.

(This one lives on top of my printer )
I just had to make one for me.

#96 in solid, flowered, patriotic and sunflower.
With the sunflower I did the same edging,
I just did it in the front and back loops and
alternated the points so it looks like a flower.

close-up of #96

(lots and lots of multiple post stitches)



  1. The little doilies are awesome, I love working with thread. I can see why you fell in love with 96 very nice!

  2. They AE beautiful Dear friend! I am the proud owner of the pink one!!! Hey I will take one of your so talented Michele! HUGS JoAnn

  3. oh these are so pretty, i've never made doilies like this before. my mom always made them white and arg >.<

    but these are really pretty :)


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