Tuesday, August 18, 2009

adding points to a round ripple

What I do (and I hope this makes sense)

I find the midpoint then count 2 sts down. Attach with a sc and ch1 (makes your first dc) then continue down into the valley, skip the 2 in the center and work your way back up to the same st on the opposite side.

As you go back and forth working the point the decreases will happen automatically every time you skip the 2 in the valley.

When I get to the peak - work it until there are 2 dcs on either side, ch2 or 3 (personal preference - I use 2) and sl st into the opposite dc and tie off.

In this ghan I finished the point with a round of sc.

In the round following the added points I work a 4dcdec in the valley to keep the stitch count correct so it doesn't ruffle.

When it cools off a bit I'll be finishing another spidey ghan. I'll post a tut with pics when I get to it.

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