Monday, August 24, 2009

Diamond Ghan - why it took so long to post

I created this pattern almost a year ago. I did not post it because I didn't want to infringe on any copyrights. It is similar to the Extra Easy Diamonds lapghan that yarncat makes BUT ithis ghan is very much my own. There are MANY differences between them.

Now that Bernat is also hosting a free diamond ghan pattern I know for sure that I'm NOT violating any copyrights - cuz they're doing the same thing and they're legal department would have stopped them if there was a problem.

I always put my 'inspired by' patterns up for free here on my blog. Many of you will remember the ghans pictured in the pattern. Those of you that do will know just how long I've been holding onto this pattern.

Even according to AmyS's idea about copyrights - if you put the original pattern away and come up with it on your own without referring to it then it's yours - this pattern is all mine.

What I love about the way I wrote this up is that you can make this any size you want to. You can make 2 or 3 diamonds for a scarf, a babyghan or a full sized ghan. It's a wonderfully, deceptivelly simple pattern that looks great!



  1. Very lovely ghan. It would make a great heirloom.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous -- and you've made them and given them away -- what a wonderful gift. Now that I am retired, I make take on a challenge like this. Thanks for sharing and I appreciate your concern about copyrights. -- that can get tricky.


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