Friday, May 30, 2008

Saving a family heirloom

My Grandmother made these many moons ago. These are the only pieces she ever made in size 20 thread. She just didn't like working with it. She was more of a pineapple kind of crocheter.

There are 2 pieces here. A dresser scarf and a chest of drawers scarf or in my case, 1 for my piano and 1 for my coffee table.


This picture is not for the faint of heart!

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

After 2 days of washing and cleaning and soaking ...
it looked like this.

I finally decided that it was already ruined and that I did everything I possibly could before I gave in and got the bleach.

These are the results!

The dresser scarf that now lives on my piano.

This is the flower basket on the end of the scarf on my piano.


This one is on my coffee table.
It still needs some repair work to the fabric itself.


  1. beautiful! Your Gran was very talented and dedicated - I can't get to grips with thread. You were brave to bleach, but look how well it turned out **phew** big sigh of relief I bet ; )

  2. Beautiful work by Gram and kudos to you for such a great restoration job.

  3. My stomach took a nasty turn when I saw the "before" picture, but now they look fantastic! What beautiful doilies!!!!

  4. Beatiful! Yes you did need to use the bleach. It was good you tried other things, but this worked out great.

  5. Such a beautiful doily!! I'd love to have a chart for that! Do you plan on making a chart for that gorgeous piece in the very near future?? I'd be the 1st in line for a chance to make it an heirloom for my family! You are a very, very lucky lady :0)

    ~ Jessica


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