Saturday, June 7, 2008

A & Eagle for Father's Day

After embroidery.

This took me 2 weeks.
I used 4plyWW and a G hook
(never again)
Measures 20"w x 16"h

Before embroidery:

My Dad worked at Budweiser for 20 some years before he got hurt at work. I remember way back when you still had to get a liscence to go on a CB his handle was The Budman!

He has the house decorated by Budweiser. I have a picture somewhere of me in my red snowsuit with the Bud logo on my hat. He even had the kid decorated by Budweiser. He gave me a HUGE double size Bud Label beach towel. I was wrapped up in it and laugher -
I'm still the kid decorated by Bud.

Dad'll be on a trip for Father's Day so he got his present early when he came up to visit!

He LOVED it!

He Loved it so much he's going to have it framed! WOW!

I love you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day!


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