Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creation takes longer than Destruction

It's much faster to frog than it is to crochet.
It's just a sad, sad fact.

To Frog means to 'rip-it, rip-it, rip-it'

If only I could crochet and create the same
number of stitches that I can rip out in one hour.

Frogging, or ripping out our work, is just a sad fact of our craft. Designing, creating, following a pattern, free-forming - all the different and wonderful ways that we can create simply takes so much longer than destroying that creation.
Creation takes longer than destruction.

I understand the importance of frogging. Of ripping out all the way back to fix a mistake that has bearing on all of the rows or rounds that follow it. I understand the importance of 'doing it right'.
I also understand the importance of
perfection in any pattern I'm designing.

Just because I understand it doesn't mean that I like it!

I'm sure most of you that share in my love of crochet
understand exactly where I'm coming from.

Sadly, I have no eye candy to share today.

I had to frog a very large section of a piece that I thought was finished. Somehow - that's even worse than having to frog while it's still 'under construction.'

It is a learning process. It is part of the nature of designing.
If I want to give all of you the very best patterns that I can -
then this is a very necessary part of the creation of them.


(ok - end of pity party - back to the crocheting!)


  1. Sorry you had to frog a section of your work, I know it can be frustrating. Hope you'll have plenty of time today to catch your project back up. Have a great day! :-)

  2. Oh, thanx!

    I'm working on RE-creating it now.


  3. Ugh this will be the hardest lesson yet for me in this learning process.

  4. Hope the next time around works a lot better. We all hate frogging, but we all know it's sometimes necessary. *sigh*


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