Thursday, February 4, 2010

WARNING! Contest Ahead

Thought I'd give everyone a heads up here.

Jimbo & I are hosting a


for the new fabric hooks.

The winner will receive their very own ____ hook!

The contest is going to be pretty simple. Leave a comment with your ideas for this awesome hook. It'll run for about a week, I guess. You can leave as many names as you like. When the contest is over, Jimbo and I will pick our favorite name and contact the winner for their mailing address. Jimbo will send out the hook.

I've personally tested 5 different hook sizes/styles. I even broke one of them so Jimbo knows that that one didn't work well. We even came up with an excellent way of testing their strength. We call it the felt test. If it doesn't break going thru a piece of regulation felt - it'll live long and prosper as a fleece/dishtowel hook.

Pics will be coming shortly!

Jimbo (good thing I just love that man) wanted to call them RoseRed Pokeys and other variations of that. He also thought of Jabber the Hook. So, PLEASE- start thinking of some names here peoples.



  1. How about Poker Hooks lol. I think this is a great idea though!

  2. Poke-n-Cro or Poke & Cro
    Poke-n-Go or Poke & Go

  3. "For the Love of Roses Sharp as a Thorn" hook (lol)

    RoseRed's Thorny Hook

  4. RoseRed's Fabric Hook

    Creative Edge Hook

    can you tell i want one bad?? lol

  5. Ok rose how bout

    Jimbrosea hoooks

    Jim-Brosa :)

    a combo of your nmes )

  6. I left these on the previous post -
    Poke N Cro or Poke & Cro
    Poke N Go or Poke & Go
    RoseRed's Thorny Hook
    Creative Edger Hook

  7. As someone who has suffered over the years while crocheting with fabric, it looks to me like it should be called the 'Handsaver Hook'! It's a fab idea.


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