Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Naming Contest has begun!!!!!

(click on pic to see it full size)

... and this is the winner's new Pokey Hook,
Jabber the Hook, RoseRed's Pokey?????

Come on guys -
we really need some help picking out
a name for this new style of fabric hook.

It started as an idea and bloomed into reality.
It took a couple tries before we got it just right.
Even took a broken one so we knew what wouldn't work.

This new style of hook has been tested by
yours truly with the 'felt test'.
If it'll go thru a piece of felt and slide
back out in one piece it'll survive
any dishcloth or fleece blanket
that you put in front of it.

Just be careful because you can hurt yourself on that hook.

Hook Stats:

The handle is Padauk and
the hook itself is Bamboo.

It's an H and is 6" long.

Shank (including point) is 3 3/8".

(I'll be posting pics soon of some different styles of hooks
that you can order directly from Jimbo.)

He's even making one from his chopsticks so that
the proceeds go to his FARA fund.

Contest Rules:

Leave your ideas in the comments section.

You can leave up to 5 different name ideas.

Contest will end Midnight, February 19.

The winner will be chosen by Jimbo and me.
Whichever name we like the best will be the winner.

You will need to send Jimbo an email
with your address so that he can
mail out the hook to the
winning name giver.

Jimbo can be found on his front porch up
at Deadman's Crick:

Jimbo's Front Porch



  1. Leave your hook name in the comment section.

    Have fun!

  2. WOW Rosered!!! You're the BEST!!! It was fun working with you developing this pokey beauty!!
    Hats off to you, Kido!!

  3. Now there's a hook with a punch to it!! -What a great invention for creating towel-toppers and the like, RoseRed and Jimbo!
    It works like a hook and holes like an awl. So a crochet awl by any other name, eh?...I'll toss in the tags: Cro-Awl, Crochawl, or Crawl (Crawler? ;)... What a team, you two!!!
    ~Jeanne J

  4. That is too neat. I'll leave a few name suggestions.

    Hokey Pokey
    Hookey Pokey
    Holey Pokey
    Holey Hookey
    Poke n' Holey

    Great job you two

  5. I think it's plain ol'

    Cupid's Arrow

  6. I left these on the previous post -
    Poke N Cro or Poke & Cro
    Poke N Go or Poke & Go
    RoseRed's Thorny Hook
    Creative Edger Hook

  7. How about the: Jabby Grabby or the Jab and Grab.

  8. Due to problems accessing Blogger I have posted that you can still enter the contest by emailing me with your entry.

    1st emailed Entry from

    doberToni - Awesome Hookawl

  9. Jabberwocky Bulb (the handle makes me think of a bulb)
    Super Duper Jabber

    Can't think of anymore right now but I do have a question...will this go through towels to make crocheted handles for hanging kitchen towels?

  10. Absolutely! That's what it was made for. Dishtowels and fleece blankets. You can check out the post talking about the hook and where the idea came from.

    All the hooks must pass the rigid Felt Test. If it can't go thru felt without breaking or bending then it doesn't pass the test and it's back to 'whatever it is that jimbo uses' to make his awesome hooks.

  11. Not sure if it posted but I tryed to post a comment a few days ago

    how about

    The JimBrosia hook

    (ya know like Ambrosia? but Jimbrosia)

  12. If anyone has a problem posting a comment or accessing the site you can email me your entry (up to 5) and I will post it for you.

    It will be counted as an entry.

    Email me at
    inspiredcrochet (at) bellsouth dot net

  13. It kind of reminds me of an Ice Pick in shape. Here are my suggestions:

    Tow Pick ( like an ice skate has a toe pick.. but tow instead because its used on a towel)

    Hole Pick

    Hook Pick

    Holy Hook ( cause it makes holes and it has a hook on it.)


  14. ...and grannieAnnie emailed me her entry.

    ...Poke-it-Hook and FabriHook

  15. I came up with a few!

    Through ‘N’ Loop

    Piercing Hook

    Pokey Hook

    Cro fabri-puncture (lol like acupuncture… get it?)

    Pointed Crochet Hook

  16. I am partial to my "crick" in the woods as I know Jimbo I just had to include it in the name...
    So instead of the usual "By hook or by crook" - my name for this wonderfully unique creation of Michele's and Jimbo's is....

    "By Crick or By Crook Hook"

    ~Mary (aka - shuttlebuggy)


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