Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crochet Cable Scarf

Crochet Cable Scarf
from Coats & Clark

Is really so much simpler than it looks. I made this one for my MIL. She prefers shorter scarves that she can tuck into her coat. One well placed button and a few chains added to a sc border and WALLA!

This is my very first cable project and they are so much simpler than I ever could have believed! The best part about this pattern is that it's made with hdc's so it was lots easier on my hands than a sc pattern would've been.

If you can front post you can do cables!


  1. That turned out lovely, thanks for the link....

  2. I love them!! I need to do a seraphina for me!!

    And yes, cables are much easier than I thought. I am doing a cabled heather wrap in Simply Soft Heathers and while the pattern was confusing at first, I finally "got it" on the 4th try and am loving it!!

    How beautiful!!

  3. the link for the pattern isn't working for me. how do i get the pattern?

  4. I clicked on the link and typed Cable Scarf into the search box.

    They moved the page to here:


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