Monday, February 2, 2009

Argyle Scarf

Many thanx to mama24boyz for coming up with such a sensational idea.

It never ceases to amaze me how simple a stunning pattern can be! The hardest part is thinking of it in the first place. Even the figuring it out is easier than thinking of it.

I do have to admit:
That I didn't actually buy the pattern
(and I already spoke with her about it) -
so mine is not exactly like mama24boyz's.

I did do a couple of things differently:

- I did every row on the right side
- I knotted my pink at each crossing
- my edging is my own
- I added fringe

You really just cannot improve on
an awesome pattern!

For more information check out:

mama24boyz Blog
mama24boyz @ Etsy for the pattern



  1. Love it! You did a really nice job. The colors are great also.

    I've got to look at it again!

  2. It looks so pretty, and your colour choices are great! I never thought to add fringe, but I love the way you did it! Thanks for linking me


  3. Your scarf looks great! I love the argyle look!


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