Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rose & Water Lily TP Toppers

I actually did it. I still can't believe I did it! It's darski's fault! She made me do it! Well, no she really didn't but they're just so damn cute. My husband just does not understand. I guess he doesn't really need to but - check this out - told me I have to make one for his mom too. lolol

These are my patterns but I didn't write them down. Actually - I didn't type them down. I write in notebooks and hate when I have to type them up. Anyway - enjoy Kitsch!

Water Lily

(still looking for my googly eyes)

Rose in a Basket

I'm trying to get the purples, greens and beige to pull together in my main bath. Next time I'll only make one round of leaves - it just wasn't quite big enough. The basket weave needed extra space on the inside.

You can find these and great other stuff over at the
Kitsch and Kitch Can Cal
on the 'Ville.


  1. I love the rose in the basket one! I hope you will be able to type it up; I would pay to have it. It's so cute. So is the fish one. I used to have our kids' bathroom in fish, but not anymore. Anyway great work! :-D


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