Monday, January 19, 2009

Coffee Cup Toilet Paper Cover

This is just a pattern that I 'winged' after seeing the pic of the original coffee cup tp cover. I didn't even find her pattern again until after I made mine. After looking at her pattern on the blog I realized that we both used 48dc's.

Please understand that I'm not trying to infringe on her genious- it's just easier to store my tut here so I can find it again later. Besides, I like the top of hers better - she made the rim thicker.

She used homespun which is much thicker than RH. If I were to do this in black (like dear hubby just asked me to) I'm going to have to add in some extra sts so the white paper doesn't show thru.

Quick TUT

ch 55 and undo extra's later.
dc 1st row into back hump of ch for a finished edge

Round 1-10 - 48 dcs around (increase to 50 for a darker color)

Center - 4 rounds of circle starting with 12 dcs - attach as you go on round 11

Round 11 - flip circle so that the wrong side is facing up. As you st into Round 10 you'll - yo, insert hook thru the st and thru 1 loop of the circle edge, yo and complete your dc. Depending on your st counts you may not actually grab a stitch from the center for each and every dc around. Just wing it till it lines up evenly.

Handle - Rows 1 - 8 (leave long tails to attach) 5dc, sl st to join round. makes a tube.

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  1. Oh thanks for the tut instructions, now I can make one. Yours are all great Michele.


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