Friday, January 22, 2010

I've been conspiring with Jimbo

You read that right - conspiring, I tell ya!

But what about?
About a specialty hook.

I gotta tell you guys that I just LOVE working with jimbo.
He's such an awesome person.

I contacted him about creating a
specialty hook to work thru fabric.

It is such a pain to try and crochet thru a tri folded dishtowel! It's a pain to try to crochet thru fleece without something to make the holes! I don't want to pay for an edgerdy-doo or a skip blade.

So - we conspired and concocted and
came up with some GREAT ideas!

We came up with a super pointy (and I mean hurt yourself pointy and put a cover over it pointy) hook that tapers so you can push it gently thru the fabric like a knife thru softened butter. He sent me the proto-type (laugh - I'm just being fancy-schmancy here) of the hook and it was a wonderful surprise!

Instead of making the hook from bamboo knitting needles or a chopstick he made me a 'special' jimbo style hook as a thank you for working with him. I told ya - he's AWESOME!

So, I tried it out, made my recommendations and had to send it back. It's going to be a well traveled (9,000 miles) hook by the time it comes home!

The whole reason for the knitting needles and the chopstick is simply cost effectiveness for you guys. Instead of whittling down a chunk of wood (which I'm sure he would) if you place an order for a fancy one, by using the knitting needles he can make them much more quickly and therefore,
cost effective.

The hooks that he'll make from the chopsticks
will go to his FARA fund.

So, I'll post a pic of my awesome new specialty hook when it finds it's way back home! Till then -
my dishtowels are waiting.



  1. That is a great idea! Jimbo is a great guy.

  2. I will be in the line to purchase one of these. I was always frustrated in tryign to get the hook through a towel.

  3. Couple "testers" are winging their way to you, Rosered! Hope they work well. Not are you just talented and good lookin, you're quite the inventor too!


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