Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 more serafinas

Both of these were made with
JoAnns Sensations Boucle yarn.

The red one was make wth an L and then a K and a half hook. It's a little stretchy for my taste. This is almost 2 pounds of boucle. My model is 5'3" and the shawl comes down to her mid calf.

The pink/gray/black on was made with my Bamboo Bates K hook and I think it's just perfect for this yarn. This one was made for DDs teacher/principal. She's always cold and she is just the most wonderful woman.
I just love her to pieces.

She saw me making the red shawl and asked (in a joking around kind of way) about when I was making hers. She was shocked when I came in a week later with her very own shawl. It was great - she was having a bad day so the present was just perfect timing.

She's about 5'5" and and adult small/medium
and it's the PERFECT fit on her.

After almost 3 pounds of serafinaI was very happy
to be finished with the pattern for a little while. lolol



  1. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful! The colors are just fabulous too. There's just nothing like grabbing a shawl and wrapping it around you when you get a chill. Great job!


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