Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Most wonderful Swap Gift!

I have my very own 8 Pocket Tote now.

My very dear friend Ann made this for me as a swap gift. I just love it! The colors are a little deeper in real life and they go so incredibly well together. The lining is just amazing! I wish I could do linings like that.

It is the PERFECT size. It hold 3 Caron Pounders or in this case 2 pounders and a cake in the center with room to stuff a ghan in it too. You can see the red and blue, the cake is black and this is holding the latest spidy ghan that I'm working on.

I've gotten so many compliments on this
when I take it out with me.

I just had to say another great big

Thank You!



  1. That was a great swap gift. Love the color.

  2. I so love this bag. Is the pattern a free one or from a book. I would love to attempt this for a christmas present.


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