Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spidey Ghan is Finished!

YAY!!! I started this way back before I had my carpel tunnel surgery. I had 4 rounds and the border left to go and I ran out of the blue yarn. So, without further chatter- here it is!

I've finally figured out my own way of adding points without getting the dreaded ruffle! Yippee!

The webbing is made from
top stitching chains across the ghan.


Caron Pounders
Red - 1 pound
Blue - just over 1 1/2 pounds
Black - under 1/2 a pound

I Bates hook

It measures just under 6 feet across.

Color Coding - every 4th row is an hdc in black for the webbing.
The red and blue sections get bigger with each block of color.

Round 1 - black
Rounds 2-4 - red
Round 5 - hdc black
Rounds 6-9 - red
Round 10 - hdc black
Rounds 11-14 - blue
Round 15 - hdc black
Rounds 16-20 - red
Round 21 - hdc black
Round 22 - red
Round 23-26 - blue
Round 27 - hdc black
Rounds 28-30 - blue
Round 31 - red
Round 32 - hdc black
Rounds 33-36 red
Round 37 - hdc black
Round 38 - red
Rounds 39-41 - blue
Round 42 - hdc black and added points (which should've been red)
Rounds - 43-46 blue
Round 47 - sc black
Round 48 rev sc black



  1. Your's is much cooler than mine is turning out - I like how you put another row of red or blue after the black web row, it pops like that!

  2. I love this!!! Could you point me in the direction of the pattern? I love how it has the 'extra' points on it.

  3. Thank you all very much.

    Actually, this is my pattern. It's the next newest post.

    I will be posting a Tutorial on adding points in the near future too.

  4. Michele, That is wonderful news thank you in advance! I know a little boy that will love one of these in exactly this color combination. I will be watching for your update.

  5. I love your Spiderman Afghan. I have 6 g-sons, so what do you think I'm going to be doing. 8>)

  6. Beautiful! I really need to make one of those.


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