Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My 2nd Love Doily

My hubby has been so wonderful since I had my surgery that I was just compelled to crochet hearts. Red ones. Every time I see these I'll always remember what a wonderful man I married.

I haven't had a chance to block either of them yet but
I just couldn't wait to share.

I didn't care for the edging that came with the doily so I made up my own.

If I make another on I think I'll put more spaces in the diamonds, maybe bring them all the way down or something. I just love the way the Celinda Matthews made the hearts.

You can find the pattern here.

It measures about 12 inches across before blocking.

I used #10 thread and my #6 Bates steel hook.



  1. beautiful pattern, beautiful work! : )

  2. Just lovely, the red is so perfect.

  3. that is beautiful Michele!!! After ahnd surgeries!! WOW you amaze me woman!!! PERTY!!


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