Monday, September 8, 2008

Haekelbeutel Bag


Red Heart Peach and Soft White
H hook

17 inches across
11 inches from center dip to bottom.


My favorite model!
My 5 ft tall 12 yr old



21 inches long
2 inches wide.

75 chains in the center peach strip
The center strip is worked in my absolute FAV way of making pocketbook straps. Then it's just crocheted in as part of the outline around the top of the bag.



6 rounds - 6 inches

I just used the square that came with the pattern.



I love using this closure.

It's so easy to do and it looks so pretty.
The flower is the button

and the tab only looks hard.

I'll be writing up the pattern soon for
the flower button closure.

End Notes

I am so happy that this pattern is so forgiving.
If you take a close look at it - the wrong side of the squares are showing on the right side of the bag. I stayed with it cuz I didn't want to rip out all of the last 2 rounds inside and outside of the handles.


C'ville has a CAL going for this bag. You can check out lots of different styles and colors and tons of tips and ideas at the Heakelbeutel Bag CAL.

If you don't want to join the CAL but just want to make the bag the pattern can be found below. Just be aware that it opens as a PDF file so if you're using Adobe - jamb on.

Pattern for Inga's
Crocheted Bag

I use the Foxit PDF Reader for all of my PDF files.
It's an awesome & free program


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