Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I've been up to

Blogger Heather said...

I'd been wondering what you've been up to. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I must learn how to make it!!!


Thank you so much!
Thank all of you that've left comments about my newest ghan! I just love it!

Honestly - I haven't been up to much. I had such a bad flare up with my carpel tunnel that I wasn't able to hold a hook for about 2 months.

Sad to say - I think my thread days may be over. I did 2 doilies back to back and my hands were useless.

I hope I don't overdo it with this monster ghan.

~~~~~ NEWS ~~~~~

I do have several new patterns on the back burner at the moment. You all know I love filet. I think it's time to start using filet with yarn as that's what my hands are dictating. I have a couple shawls in the making and I finally pulled out my Ladders of Love baby ghan to work on that some more. (Honestly - I just found it again.)

There are so many round ripple patterns on the net that I'm just going to write up a basic overview for this purple one. I love the way it's coming out!

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  1. I have tendinitis that I think killed my chance of working with thread too, I just can't grip anything smaller than a "G" hook. But I may try out those ergo hooks you can get nowadays...? Have you thought of/seen those?


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