Saturday, September 15, 2007

Copyright Decision

I've been thinking on this for quite a while. A lot of designers (including me on my first few patterns) will tell you in their Copyright that the pattern is for personal and charitable use, that the finished products are not to be sold.

So I've been thinking about things like -

~ What am I really going to do with my patterns?
~ Do I really care what people do with my patterns after they make them?
~ How many times did I wish that a pattern didn't have that in the copyright?
~ How many patterns did I NOT buy because of that in the copyright?
~ I'm in Florida - is it really going to hurt me if someone in Michigan or Washington State or even Australia makes one of my patterns and makes a few bucks off of it? The answer is no.

I'm designing for the love of it. I love that people love my patterns enough to want to make them. I love that people love my patterns enough that they want to buy them and display them in their homes. Is there really any reason to not share this God given talent? No.

I'll be opening an Etsy store in the near future selling patters, custom made patterns and finished products. I'm also thinking about putting some finished products on Ebay - I'm not really sure if I want to. With the prices that I've seen things going for on Ebay it may not be worth it. I need to think about that some more.

So, for now - the only restriction that I'm going to put on my patterns is *No internet sales*.

I'll be listing free patterns for charitable causes with the stipulation of *For personal and charitable use only*.

Right now I'm working on a Breast Cancer Ribbon Shawl. The ribbons are worked sideways on the narrow side so that when it's worn they'll be upright. I'll be making the pattern with and without Crosses. The woman that I'm making this for is having a mastectomy next week. Inspiration comes from all places. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and that was horrible enough. At least that was on the inside - I cannot even begin to imagine how awful it is to have your breasts removed. This is the very least that I can do for her.

When the pattern is tested I'll be posting it to share with anyone who has a need to make one. My only hope is that no one decides to make a profit over this horrible misfortune.

I'll also be sharing my Brilliant Cross pattern for free for anyone who loves it enough to want to make it.

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